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The Harvest

Logline:         As cultural traditions are slowly becoming a burden of the past, a son returns home knowing that family is the only thing that binds him and his ailing father together.

Synopsis:      After several years of living in San Francisco, Thai Moua returns to his family home in SoCal to find his whole world in disarray. Thai and his family put on a brave face as they watch his father, Cher, suffer the devastating effects of kidney failure. They tolerate Cher's overly-demanding behavior as he barely acknowledges Thai's mother, who is always running out on mysterious errands, or his younger sister, as she struggles with the responsibilities forced on her as the only daughter in a traditional household that favors men and their futures over women and theirs. In the middle of this maelstrom, Thai struggles to choose between wanting to please his father and live his own life, between being an obedient son and becoming his own man, but mostly Thai is torn about keeping hidden the reason that’s kept him away for so long. Intense and relatable, The Harvest explores the strength and endurance of family bonds, and their ability to help us overcome even the darkest of days.

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