Who is Chiyou?

Chiyou was a tribal leader of the Nine Li tribe in ancient China. For the Hmong people, Chiyou was a sagacious mythical king. He has a particularly complex and controversial ancestry. Today, Chiyou is honored and worshipped as the God of War and one of the three legendary founding fathers of China.

Who is Chiyou Entertainment?

Chiyou Entertainment is an independent production company founded and led by actor and writer Doua Moua. Chiyou seeks, develops, and produces diverse stories with the intention of challenging, reflecting, and celebrating the underrepresented community.

Doua Moua: Producing Partner

Mostly known for his work in front of the camera in films like Clint Eastwood's film "Gran Torino" and Disney'ss Live-Action film "Mulan". Doua Moua found a passion in telling his own narrative highlighting the underrepresented community in his writing. His screenplays have been on the Cape/ Black List, named a semi-finalist on the Nicholl Fellowship, and Top 50 on Launch Pad.  

John Houselog: Producing Partner/ Development Executive 

Graduated from USC's School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Production. He started his career interning at Legendary Entertainment and has since moved up the ranks working as an Executive Assistant and Story Editor aiding extensively with development of a full slate of projects set up on both the studio and independent side. Vincent Newman's credits include WE'RE THE MILLERS, RED DAWN, PATIENT ZERO, the upcoming comedy MOTHER I'D LIKE TO with Jennifer Lopez and the upcoming thriller SUNFLOWER with Ben Stiller producing.

Money Vang: Producing Partner/ VFX Producer

He leverages technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the moving parts that go into the production and post production of LA's episodic television shows and feature films to drive projects to completion. He uses his varied skill of over 15+ years to oversee the creative and technical aspects of a production from script to screen. He ensures that client expectations are not only met, but surpassed, whatever the challenges. Since joining the industry, he has worked on a variety of projects and has tapped his wide range of skills while working on a number of episodic television shows, commercials, and Films.

Dan Santoni: Art Director

Delving into the entertainment field, he has photographed celebrities such as Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, John and Sandy Carpenter of Halloween, The Thing, Vampire's fame, Danielle Harris of John Carpenter's Halloween, Don't Tell Momma the Babysitter's Dead, Stake Land, Kelly Hu of Xmen II, and Scorpion King, actress and comedian Margaret Cho,  Zack Ward, Coal Chamber, Norwood Fisher of Fishbone, KMFDM, Sybil Danning of Rob Zombie's "Halloween", Howling II fame, Cleve Hall of SyFy Channel's "Monster Man", G Tom Mac (songwriter; Cry Little Sister, Lost Boys), and many more. Dan's works have been featured in People Magazine (online), Guitar Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Imago Magazine, Runway Magazine, Strings Magazine, Sight and Sound, Metal Edge, Mix Magazine, etc. Dan’s work in fx animation can be seen in popular film, television, and music videos. Some credits include work on; Game of Thrones (earning two Emmy Awards) , Life of Pi (earning Academy Award), The Golden Compass (earning Academy Award), The Walking Dead, X-Files, The Day After Tomorrow, Minority Report, The Incredible Hulk, Cabin in the Woods, A-Team, Land of the Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Birds of Prey.  Dan also worked on music videos for DJ Rap, and Ziggy Marley, in which he also was hired on as an on-set fx supervisor.